Teeth Whitening



Teeth Whitening

We offer two options for teeth whitening.

The first is our $99 take home whitening with custom made trays.

The second is our in-office state-of-the-art Glo Whitening system which uses a comfortable mouthpiece that lights up the teeth, activating the whitening gel. The entire procedure takes about 45 mintues. As part of this whitening package, we include take home bleaching trays and gel, to touch up and maintain your bright smile.

woman with an appleDeFord Family Dental offers the most popular teeth whitening service. For only $99.00 our bleaching tray system is a great value. We make two clear bleaching trays, custom fit to your upper and lower teeth. You take these trays home, along with enough teeth whitening gel to last for 10 – 14 days. Every day you place a small amount of gel in each tray, and wear the bleaching trays on your teeth for two to four hours.

Most people have some cold sensitivity during the bleaching process. We have found with the Ultradent Opalescence System, this sensitivity is minimal, even less than with some over the counter products. To minimize sensitivity you can rinse with ACT fluoride mouth rinse after each whitening session.

Teeth whitening results vary for each person. Some people get very dramatic results in a short time, while with others it takes longer. We use a strong 20% solution to maximize the whitening effects.

You can purchase extra gel at $15.00 for a three day supply.